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Preparation for Graded Exams

Aspire to be the Best!

Many students choose to take a music examination as it provides an opportunity not only to get an internationally recognised qualification but also, more importantly, feedback from expert musicians. Of course, they are not compulsory but should you decide to take an examination, I offer a variety of services to help you be your very best on the day and gain great marks.

Piano Keys

Mock Exams

Why should you take a mock exam?

Mock exams are a great way to help students feel more confident and prepared, in readiness for the big day. Candidates for examinations are given the experience of performing in the exam-like scenario, well before the official exam date.

The whole process is hugely beneficial as you will find out how well prepared you are. Written feedback will be issued to you based upon the exam marking criteria to which the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music and Trinity College examination boards adhere. All aspects of your performance will be commented upon: tonal quality, musical shaping, rhythm, tempo, technical ability and general musicianship.

Mock exams really are the best thing that you can do to help you get ready and feel more relaxed when the day arrives. It will be planned ahead of your actual exam date to allow sufficient time for overcoming any issues that may become apparent.

Please note, all mock exams are done free of charge and are included within the overall music programme.

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